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Minimum Duration:                 4 Years
Minimum No. of Semesters:         8 sem.


The coursework is composed of two parts. The core courses and elective courses. Core courses are the required courses and credits that a student has to take and passed. Elective courses and credits are also required courses but students are open-ended to choose courses from list of available of courses. The core courses are divided into core management science subjects, institutional subjects, mathematics subjects. Elective courses are entirely specialized computer science courses. The diagram below demonstrates the number of courses for each division.

Core Courses
Management Science Courses 25
Institutional Courses 10
Allied Courses 02
Elective Courses
Computer Science Courses 06
Total No. of Courses of the Program 43
Total No. of Credit Hours of the Program 135


Core Courses
1 BUS110Introduction to Business3(3,0)
2 ACT120Financial Accounting-I3(3,0)
3 ECN130Micro Economics3(2,1)3(3,0)
4 ACT205Financial Accounting-II3(3,0)
5 ECN210Macro Economics3(3,0)
6 BST212Business Communication3(3,0)
7 MKT140Principles of Marketing3(3,0)
8 MGT150Principles of Management3(3,0)
9 HRM214Human Resource Management3(3,0)
10 MKT215Marketing Management3(3,0)
11 FIN216Business Finance3(3,0)
12 MKT160Entrepreneurship3(3,0)
13 SCM218Supply Chain Management3(3,0)
14 ETH220Business Ethics3(3,0)
15 BNK170Money & Banking3(3,0)
16 FIN221Financial Management3(3,0)
17 OB222Organizational Behavior3(3,0)
18 TQM223Total Quality Management3(3,0)
19 MGT224Strategic Management3(3,0)
20 ECN225Managerial Economics3(3,0)
21 FIN226Corporate Finance3(3,0)
22 MGT227International Business3(3,0)
23 PM228Project Management3(2,1)
24 RMT230Research Methodology3(3,0)
25 BBA299Dissertation/Thesis 3(3,0)

No Course CodeCourse TittleCredit Hours Prerequisite(s)
1 IUL201Introduction to University Life3(3,0)
2 COC202 Computer Concept3(3,0)
3 ENG203English Grammar & Composition3(3,0)
4 ISL204Islamic Studies3(3,0)
5 TBW206Technical Business Writing3(3,0)
6 AFH207Afghanistan History3(3,0)
7 SOC209Sociology3(3,0)
8 SOC217General Psychology3(3,0)
9 LAW219Business Law3(3,0)
10 MIS231E-Commerce3(3,0)

Allied Core Courses
1 BMT208Business Mathematics3(3,0)
2 BST212Business Statistics3(3,0)
List of Elective Cources

BBA Electives
Course CodeCourse TittleCredit HoursCo-requisite(s)Prerequisite(s)
1 IFM 244International Financial Management*
2 LAW 245Banking Law & Practice*
3 ACT 246Managerial Accounting*
4 FIN 247The Islamic Financial System*
5 FIN 248Investment & Portfolio Management*
6 BNK 249International Banking*
7 FIN 250Corporate Finance*
8 ECN 251Economic Analysis and Policies*
9 ACT 252Intermediate Accounting*
10 ACT 253Advance Accounting*
11 IECN 254International Economics*
1 BS255Business and Society*
2 TQM256Total Quality Management*
3 OD257Organizational Development*
4 MGT258Crises Management*
5 PST259Problems Solving Technique*
6 MGT260Tourism Management*
7 MGT261Environmental Management*
8 MGT262Management of Public Enter Prizes*
9 MGT263Change Management*
10 MGT264Resources Conservation Planning and Management*
11 MRMT265Managerial Research*
1 MKRMT266Marketing Research*
2 EMMKT267Export Management and Marketing*
3 CUMKT268Current Issues in Marketing*
4 DMGT269Distribution Management*
5 IMKTC270Integrated Marketing Communication*
6 SMGT271Sales Management*
7 MKTIS272Marketing Intelligence System*
8 GBMKT273Global Marketing*
9 AGRMKT274Agricultural Marketing*
10 IMKT275International Marketing*
11 MKTFIN276Marketing Financial Services*


Elective courses are to be selected by the students.


To enter the bachelor’s program in Management at Bakhtar University, applicants have to satisfy the following criteria.

  12-years qualification from a recognized High Secondary School having not less than 70% of marks.

  Documents must be attested from MoE of Afghanistan whether studies are carried locally or internationally.

  IELTS/TOEFL certified or any other certificate to ensure English Language proficiency.

  Applicant has to pass the internal entrance test of Bakhtar University.

Applicants are expected to have good theoretical knowledge and applied knowledge of general English, computer, and mathematics.
Please see how to applyfor further details.

Fee And Funding

Bakhtar University is committed to recruiting the best and brightest students from all backgrounds. We offer a generous package of financial support to home students from lower-income households.

Computer Science Electives
Admission Fee 3,000 3,000
Security Fee 2,000 2,000
Registration Fee 3,000 3,000
Examination Fee 5,000 5,000
Distance Learning Charges 5,000 5,500
Tuition Fee Per Credit hours 500 650
Min Credit Hours 12 12
Total ( with maximum registered credit hors) 29,500 32,150
First Installment at Admission Time 10,500 10,500

All fee are to be paid through bank directly to Bakhtar Virtual Compus, no study center is authorized to collect any fee from students in the form of cash, all bank drafts or pay orders should be made in favor of Bakhtar Virtual Campus Kabul.

How to Apply

Do you want to apply for the bachelor’s program Management Science at Bakhtar University? Find out how to apply for your program by following the step-by step guide in the application and admission section.The guide will give you the necessary help and guidance in submitting your application.

To enter the bachelor’s program Management Science at Bakhtar University, applicants have to satisfy the following criteria.

  12-years qualification from a recognized High Secondary School having not less than 70% of marks.

  Documents must be attested from MoE of Afghanistan whether studies are carried locally or internationally.

  IELTS/TOEFL certified or any other certificate to ensure English Language proficiency.


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Elyas Totakhail BBA

i appreciate and thanks bba department teachers. they are very kind to their students

Mansoor Ahmadzai BBA

BBA department of Bakhtar University is the best one. by having Phd's and Masters Teachers

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The Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate degree program seeks to educate students in the science of Business Administration. All courses within the program are designed for a rapidly changing world with innovation, market-relevance, flexibility and an international focus at their core. The program builds a bridge between the academic environment and the world outside. The program is intended to prepare students with a good grounding in various fields of business studies such as economics, accounting & finance, management, and marketing. The program equips graduates with the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex business problems. Bakhtar University is proud to graduate more than 2,000 students in management science since 2008. The mission of the BS Business Administration degree program is to provide to students a broad general education and the necessary business knowledge and skills, to prepare students for entry-level positions in organizations, and to stimulate in students a desire for life-long learning. The BS in Management Science program at Bakhtar University is 135 credit hours degree program. The BSBA degree program is composed of core subjects, institutional subjects, mathematics subjects and 4 elective specialized subjects in the area of finance, marketing, and management. At the end of the course work, student is required to complete his 12 credit hours of project/research/internship report for the successful completion of BS Management Science degree program.

Program Objectives

The aim of the BS in Management Science degree program at Bakhtar University is to graduate professionals who will:

  Acquire adequate knowledge in accounting, economics, marketing and management.

  Demonstrate analytical skills in solving business problems.

  Effectively use computer technology.

  Develop an awareness of the local culture

  Function effectively as team members.

  Demonstrate an appreciation for learning as a life long.

Popular Career Choice

Management science graduates have the decisional and analytical skills and computer support knowledge to qualify for a variety of management careers in private and public industries, such as banking sectors, financial institutions, insurance groups, medical device companies and more. Graduates can work as:

  Finance Manager

  Marketing Manger

  Human Resource Manager

  Accounting Manager

  Project Manager

  Management Manager

  Data Analyst

Continuing Education Information

Students seeking advanced positions or careers in research or teaching can further continue their studies by enrolling in a management science master's. Students in graduate programs take more advanced management science classes and conduct research projects. Management Science students completing a bachelor's degree program participate in coursework covering finance, management, and more. In addition, students also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of ways.

Important Dates

09 febr   Friday 

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11 april   Friday 

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09 febr   Friday 

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11 april   Friday 

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09 febr   Friday 

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11 april   Friday 

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Academic Calander

Academic Calander
Georgain DateLunar DateDescriptions
February- March 2018 دلو_حوت Pre-enrolment Period آغاز ثبت نام برای سمستر جدید
08 March 2018 17 حوت 1396 Entry Test امتحان کانکور
17 March 2018 26 حوت 1396 Entry Test Result اعلان نتایج
10 March 2018 19 حوت 1396 Orientation and Enrolment پروگرام اشناسازی محصیلین جدید
10 March 2018 19 حوت 1396 Lectures Commence آغاز دروس سمستر جدید
24- March 2018 4 حمل 1397 Last day of Getting Scholarships, Transferring/ Skipping form the Semester without fail آخرین روز برای تخفیف , تبدیل رشته و تاجیل
10 – April 2018 21 حمل 1397 1stSessional Exam امتحانات ماهانه
07- 14 May 2018 17- 24 ثور 1397 Mid-Term Examination(1 week) امتحان وسط سمستر
15 May-2018 07 July 2018 25 ثور- 16 سرطان 1397 Classes Commencement ادامه دروس
02 Jun 2018 12 جوزا 1397 2ndSessional Exam امتحانات ماهانه
30 Jun 2018 9 سرطان 1397 3rd Sessional Exam امتحانات ماهانه
07- -26-July 2018 17 جوزا – 5 سرطان 1397 Final Exam امتحان نهائی
04 August 2018 13 اسد 1397 Semester Result Released اعلان نتایج سمستر
28–July— 02 August 2018 6 اسد- 11 اسد 1397 Semester Break وقفه سمستر

Afghanistan Holidays (2018)

Academic Calander
Georgain DateLunar DateDescriptions
21th March 2018 1 حمل 1397 Nowroz 1397 نوروز
22th -March 2018 2 حمل 1397 Education day روز معارف
28th April 2018 8 ثور 1397 Jahad day روزپیروزی مجاهدین
01st May 2018 111 ثور 13971 Worker International day روز جهانی کارگر
16thMay 2018 26 ثور 1397 Ramadanulmubarak روزاول ماه مبارک رمضان
14th-16 Jun 2018 24-26 جوزا 1397 Ed-ul-fitr عید سعید فطر
19 th August 2018 28 اسد 1397 Independence day روز استرداد استقلال کشور
20 th -23 th August-2018 29 اسد – 1 سنبله 1397 Ed-ul-adha عید سعید اضحی

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