Board Of Governer

Board of Governors of Bakhtar University is consisting of highly profiled members having national and international experiences inside and across the country. The BoG of Bakhtar University is headed by the founder and former Minister of Higher Education Dr. Abdul Latif Roshan. The BoG has representations from Ministry of Higher Education, government universities, and academia.

The general affairs of Bakhtar University are taken care by the administrative and academic vice chancellors. All concern administrative members performs thier function in accordance with the general policy guidelines of the Bakhtar University, laid down by the BoG.

Followings are the members of the BOG

Dr.Abdul Latif Roshan
Founder of Bakhtar University
Dr.Waheed Rokhan
Vice Chancellor Adminstration
Internationl IR Coordinator
Dr.Mujgan Hussaini
Vice Chancellor Academic
Dr.Noor Mohammad
Vice Chancellor Student Affairs