Available Jobs

No Title Location Close Date
1Student Affairs OfficerKabul 2021-08-20
2Student Affairs OfficerKabul 2021-08-20
3Dean of Computer Science DepartmentKabul 2021-06-20
4Dean of LAW Department Kabul2021-06-15
5database SpecialistKabul2021-06-10
6Dean of Engineering Faculty Kabul 2021-05-31
7dean of Engineering Department Kabul 2021-05-31
8Head of Engineering Department Kabul 2021-05-31
9head of Civil Engineering Department Kabul 2021-05-31
10Communication and Alumni Officer Kabul 2021-04-12
11Communication and Alumni Officer Kabul 2021-04-12
12Postgraduate Coordinator Kabul 2021-04-10
13Lecturers Kabul 2021-03-27
14BCS Lecturers Kabul 2021-03-27
15Bakhtar School PrincipalKabul 2021-03-27
16Dean for Economics Faculty (Re-advertisement)Kabul 2020-10-30
17Dean for Economics Faculty (Re-advertisement)Kabul 2020-10-30
18Credit Officer Kabul 2020-09-30
19Credit Officer Kabul 2020-09-30
20Student Affair OfficerKabul 2020-09-30
21Vice Chancellor Academic (Re-advertisement)Kabul 2020-10-30
22Quality Assurance Manager (Re-advertisement)Kabul 2020-10-10
23Lecturers Kabul 2020-10-10
24Dean Business Administration FacultyKabul 2020-10-10

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