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Minimum Duration:                 2 Years
Minimum No. of Semesters:         4

Core Courses
core courses min.NO of courses
core courses 12
Elective Courses min. No of courses
Management Science Courses 04
Total No. of Courses of the program 16
Total No. of Credit Hours of the Program 50

List of Core Courses

List of Courses
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 ACT 501 Accounting Skills for Managers 3(3,0)
2 BCM 502 Business Communication & Oral Presentation 3(3,0)
3 ECN 503 Economic Analysis for Managers 3(3,0)
4 MKT 504 Marketing Management 3(3,0)
5 MGT 506 Managing People & System 3(3,0)
6 QM 507 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 3(3,0)
7 ACT 508 Cost & Management Accounting 3(3,0)
8 OB 509 Leadership & Organizational Behavior 3(3,0)
9 FIN 511 Financial Management 3(3,0)
10 PM 512 Project Management 3(3,0)
11 RMT 521 Advanced Research Methods 3(3,0)
12 MBA 599 Dissertation/Thesis 3(3,0)

List of Elective Courses

Finance Electives
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 FIN 541 International Finance 3(3, 0)
2 FIN 542 Investment and Security Analysis 3(3, 0)
3 BNK 543 Islamic Banking 3(3, 0)
4 BNK 544 International Banking 3(3, 0)
5 ACT 545 Managerial Accounting 3(3, 0)
6 FSA 546 Financial Statement and Analysis 3(3, 0)
7 FIN 547 Islamic Financial System 3(3, 0)
8 LAW 548 Banking Law and Practice 3(3, 0)

Management Electives
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1 MGt- 525 Management of Public Enterprises 3(3, 0)
2 PST 526 Problem Solving Techniques 3(3, 0)
3 QC 527 Quality Control 3(3, 0)
4 MGTP 528 Management Policies 3(3, 0)
5 TQM 529 Total Quality Management 3(3, 0)
6 MGT 530 Advance Management 3(3, 0)
7 EMGT 531 Environmental Management 3(3, 0)
8 MGT 532 Resource Conservation Planning and Management 3(3, 0)
9 BS 533 Business and Society 3(3, 0)
10 LAW 534 Business Law 3(3, 0)
11 INR 535 Industry Relations 3(3, 0)
12 ORG 536 Organization Development 3(3, 0)
13 LAW 537 Labor Law 3(3, 0)
14 LAW 538 Laws of Taxation 3(3, 0)
15 ORG 539 Organization and Group Dynamics 3(3, 0)
16 OB 540 Organizational Behavior 3(3, 0)


Specialized subjects are to be selected by the students.


To enter the Master of Business Administration at Bakhtar University, applicants have to satisfy the following criteria.

16-years qualification from a recognized University having not less than 65% of marks.

Documents must be Attested from MoHE of Afghanistan if 16-years of education is carried outside of Afghanistan.

IELTS/TOEFL certified or any other certificate to ensure English Language proficiency.

Applicant has to pass the internal entrance test of Bakhtar University.

Applicant has to successfully pass the interview after internal entrance exam in order to be consider for further process.

Only those applicant will be interviewed who has passed in internal entrance exam.

Please see how to apply for further details.

Fee And Funding

Bakhtar University is committed to recruiting the best and brightest students from all backgrounds. We offer a generous package of financial support to home students from lower-income households.

Master of Business Administration Electives
Fee HeadAFN
Admission Fee 15,000
Security Fee 0
Registration Fee 500
Examination Fee 0
Tuition Fee Per Month 15000
First Installment 50%

All fee are to be paid through bank directly to Bakhtar Virtual Compus, no study center is authorized to collect any fee from students in the form of cash, all bank drafts or pay orders should be made in favor of Bakhtar Virtual Campus Kabul.

How To Apply

Do you want to apply for the master’s program Management Science at Bakhtar University? Find out how to apply for your program by following the step-by step guide in the application and admission section. The guide will give you the necessary help and guidance in submitting your application.

To enter the master’s program in Management Science at Bakhtar University, applicants have to satisfy the following criteria.

  16-years qualification from a recognized University having not less than 65% of marks.

  Documents must be Attested from MoHE of Afghanistan if 16-years of education is carried outside of Afghanistan.

  IELTS/TOEFL certified or any other certificate to ensure English Language proficiency.

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Bakhtar University is proud to introduce master degree programs (MBA & MCS) for the first time in Afghanistan; the University broadens its educational focus in response to the new trends in the developing field of management studies. Based on the social values of integrity, honesty, professional excellence and a broad vision of life, the University aims to provide educational experience that transforms its students into business leaders at par with international managers, executives, and entrepreneurs. MBA from Bakhtar provides students with a truly global network and unlimited opportunities to increase their cultural mobility. Bakhtar’s international mix of faculty professors gives students a crucial advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. The rigorous and practical MBA curriculum is delivered in flexible 2 semesters per year. The focus on teamwork and projects in this program is the key to developing the skills needed to become a global business leader. MBA from Bakhtar is intended for working professionals with at least two years of work experience after graduation. The MBA is designed to equip students with the strategic and operational knowledge and skills to enable students to face the challenges of the ever changing business world. The MBA degree program at Bakhtar University is 50 credit hours degree program that is composed of core subjects and specialized subjects in the area of finance and management. The MBA degree program is designed both for business and non-business students. The non-business students are required to take extra credits as compare to business students.

Program Objectives

The Master of Business Administration postgraduate degree program seeks to educate graduates so that they are able to utilize the knowledge attained to promote and enhance their managerial career. In addition to this, the degree program is structured in a manner whereby experienced managers with relevant professional experience acquire additional knowledge and expertise in global management issues. All courses within the program are designed for a rapidly changing world with innovation, market-relevance, flexibility and an international focus at their core. The program attempts to provide candidates with the necessary skills and competencies to manage effectively in a challenging and changing global environment, and attempts to prepare graduates for careers in management positions in both the public and private sectors. The goal of the program is consistent with the institutional purpose of the University, which seeks to create an environment in which students can explore, develop and apply their learning. The Master of Business Administration. Postgraduate Program also has specific objectives related to the study of business, which are:

Understand the nature of the learning task and become actively engaged in identifying their learning needs and in the task of learning.

Participate in the negotiation and planning of their learning and accept responsibility for outcomes.

Discuss, apply, reflect on and evaluate their learning.

Contribute to the development of new knowledge /understanding

Receive adequate guidance, support and feedback on their learning.

Interact and form positive relationships with peers and teachers.

Enjoy the experience of learning and achieving learning goals.

Experience physical and cultural security.

Enjoy sustained participation in campus life.

Be able to understand and apply software project management skills: estimation, costing, planning, deployment and tracking of resources.

Important Dates

7th – March - 2018
Last Date Of Admission/Applications

Academic Calander

Academic Calander
Georgain DateLunar DateDescriptions
February- March 2018 دلو_حوت Pre-enrolment Period آغاز ثبت نام برای سمستر جدید
08 March 2018 17 حوت 1396 Entry Test امتحان کانکور
17 March 2018 26 حوت 1396 Entry Test Result اعلان نتایج
10 March 2018 19 حوت 1396 Orientation and Enrolment پروگرام اشناسازی محصیلین جدید
10 March 2018 19 حوت 1396 Lectures Commence آغاز دروس سمستر جدید
24- March 2018 4 حمل 1397 Last day of Getting Scholarships, Transferring/ Skipping form the Semester without fail آخرین روز برای تخفیف , تبدیل رشته و تاجیل
10 – April 2018 21 حمل 1397 1stSessional Exam امتحانات ماهانه
07- 14 May 2018 17- 24 ثور 1397 Mid-Term Examination(1 week) امتحان وسط سمستر
15 May-2018 07 July 2018 25 ثور- 16 سرطان 1397 Classes Commencement ادامه دروس
02 Jun 2018 12 جوزا 1397 2ndSessional Exam امتحانات ماهانه
30 Jun 2018 9 سرطان 1397 3rd Sessional Exam امتحانات ماهانه
07- -26-July 2018 17 جوزا – 5 سرطان 1397 Final Exam امتحان نهائی
04 August 2018 13 اسد 1397 Semester Result Released اعلان نتایج سمستر
28–July— 02 August 2018 6 اسد- 11 اسد 1397 Semester Break وقفه سمستر

Afghanistan Holidays (2018)

Academic Calander
Georgain DateLunar DateDescriptions
21th March 2018 1 حمل 1397 Nowroz 1397 نوروز
22th -March 2018 2 حمل 1397 Education day روز معارف
28th April 2018 8 ثور 1397 Jahad day روزپیروزی مجاهدین
01st May 2018 111 ثور 13971 Worker International day روز جهانی کارگر
16thMay 2018 26 ثور 1397 Ramadanulmubarak روزاول ماه مبارک رمضان
14th-16 Jun 2018 24-26 جوزا 1397 Ed-ul-fitr عید سعید فطر
19 th August 2018 28 اسد 1397 Independence day روز استرداد استقلال کشور
20 th -23 th August-2018 29 اسد – 1 سنبله 1397 Ed-ul-adha عید سعید اضحی


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