Vision And Mission

THe university’s mission statement seeks to create a teaching and research-oriented institution of higher-level learning. Bakhtar University facilitates the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students to pursue their educational goals, determine the direction of their lives and contribute significantly to their profession, community, and society. It is against this background that the university has developed its mission statement: “Bakhtar University aims to explore, develop and apply human and technological capacity for the benefit of its region, the national and the international community.”

To fulfill its mission, the university strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • To position the university as a regional centre for excellence in scholarship, teaching and research.
  • To attract a talented, diverse and motivated student body from both within the Afghanistan and overseas.
  • To develop a Bakhtar University culture which values and supports diversity, engenders social responsibility, is sensitive to ethical issues and receptive to new ideas and critical enquiry.
  • To create an environment within the Bakhtar University community that fosters co-operation, teamwork and collegial relationships.
  • To foster an intellectual environment with an international orientation.
  • To provide equity of access for those who are qualified to undertake the academic programs of the university.
  • To contribute to the social and economic development of its region.

Vision of Bakhtar university, committed to making a significant contribution to educational and professional learning. The University offers distinctive academic programs that are intended to meet the needs of culturally diverse and educationally high caliber students. Bakhtar University is able to recruit and retain faculty and administrative staff of the highest quality, who are committed to balancing the need for continuity with the need for change, maintaining traditions of quality while promoting innovation and creating an environment of continuous improvement. It is against this background that the University has developed its vision:
"To achieve distinction as a teaching and research University with a regional reputation for the high quality of its student centered undergraduate and graduate education".

The vision statement places considerable focus on student centered learning and in particular:

  • To create an institution committed to academic excellence;
  • The ability of students to think critically, creatively and to communicate effectively.
  • To become technologically literate. The vision statement places considerable importance on academic research by creating a supporting environment that allows each faculty to pursue its academic interests, emphasizing the academic areas of strength in which the University can gain a reputation for excellence.
  • The University will achieve its vision by promoting
  • Excellence in teaching
  • Innovative research
  • A rewarding student experience
  • Staff development and recognition
  • International perspectives
  • Lifelong learning
  • Productive community partnerships
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Quality service to clients
  • Skillful and responsible stewardship of resources