Why Bakhtar ?

Bakhtar University is one of the Afghanistan’s oldest and most prestigious privately held institutes, established in 2005. From a small beginning at Kabul polytechnic university, through its current location at kart-e-char, Bakhtar University is now recognized as being an integral part of Kabul. As an independent Afghanistan Institution of Higher Education, BU as the first established privately held institution has been recognized with excellent and high quality programs comparable to its international affiliates such as oxford brooks university UK and Indira Gandhi National Open Universities India said by Dr. Abdul Latif Roshan the founder of Bakhtar University. Dr. Roshan further adds that BU is pioneer in providing quality education in software engineering, computer networks, finance, accounting and management and is pioneer to provide permanent mechanism for obtaining higher academic & professional qualifications in Afghanistan.

During its short existence, the university has made a significant impact in the field of higher education by reaching out to large section of the population with a range of diverse and relevant programs that are of high quality and affordable. Since its inception, university has attracted approximately over 6500 students in various disciplines and enjoy a quality academic experience. We are pleased that BU offers a variety of specialists in undergraduate and postgraduate program in the areas of business, finance, law, journalism, political science, engineering and information technology, which are directly, linked to the human resource needs of the Afghanistan. All BU degree programs are accredited by the ministry of higher education Afghanistan and are also audited by the British Accredit System UK. The internationally recognized qualifications enable Bakhtar graduates to pursue rewarding careers in Afghanistan’s burgeoning employment market. Because of high quality teaching program, BU students are currently placed in prominent positions in both the public and private sectors across the country.

BU’s center for language & culture offers language courses in English. They range from English language study for university preparation. BU faculty is a mix of locally and internationally recruited academics with extensive teaching, business and industry experience. They bring years of knowledge gained from research in their respective fields into the classroom providing students with a stimulating academic environment. Classes are small in number, allowing the lecturers to cater to the students’ individual needs.

BU maintains a long and proud tradition of excellence in education combined with liberal values of enquiry strives to provide a fertile environment for bright young minds to flourish, where critical thinking is both encouraged and nurtured - qualities which characterize great institutes of learning as mentioned by abdul latif roshan in an inclusive interview. We have very close links to the community. The staff and the administration work very closely to promote high quality education. You will find that the years you spend at Bakhtar University will be amongst the most productive, challenging and interesting years of your life. Reason for establishment: in response to the increasingly rising demand for high quality education in Afghanistan and the development and delivery of capacity building and enhancement courses for different entities, Bakhtar University was established in 2005 as first and founder of private higher education in Afghanistan.

The university faculties are a mix of internationally and nationally recruited academics with extensive teaching and research experience. They bring years of knowledge gained from research in their respective field into classroom providing students with a stimulating academic environment.