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Bachelor in Journalism


Faculty of Journalism Bakhtar University, with its qualified and professional academic members, thinks of raising your basic and specialized skills. We are committed to raising the level of your media knowledge and skills. Journalism, as a popular and most liked profession with significant financial benefits, has unlimited job opportunities. An expert in this field can work in mass media, publishing units of governmental and non-governmental institutions, public relations and as spokesperson in various institutions, marketing, education, information management, organizing public opinion, media consulting, new media management and strategic communications. Bachelor's degree in journalism prepares you for traditional media management (newspapers, radio, television, etc.), new media management, program hosting, news casting, media analysis, public relations expertise, learning public awareness knowledge, and related disciplines. ; In this way, graduates will become fully acquainted with media ethics and law, Afghan mass media law, newspaper and magazine design and editing, screenwriting, online journalism, and the use of social media. Faculty of Journalism Bakhtar University relies on practical journalism and provides a wide range of professional activities and events for students.

A summary of the facilities of journalism faculty

  • Standard curriculum with political and economic orientations
  • Equipped TV studio
  • Equipped radio studio
  • Equipped studio of photojournalism
  • New methods of reporting with smartphones
  • Equipped library
  • Bakhtar Magazine
  • Content production and management of social pages related to journalism by students
  • Teaching image, design and editing programs
  • Introducing students to the media
  • Academic journeys
  • Inviting media experts to share their professional views
  • Inviting professional reporters to share their experience
  • Launching weekly cultural programs
  • Equipped teaching classes
  • Launching book reading competitions among students
  • Launching a photography and short film competition
  • Media coverage of all activities of Bakhtar University
  • Launching practical debates for students
  • Praising students' creative programs and activities
The educational goals of the undergraduate course in journalism

  1. Teaching professional journalism
  2. Training of journalists, reporters, professional interviewers for the media
  3. Training of journalists for the offices of public, private and international newspapers
  4. Training professional photojournalists for the media
  5. Training editors of traditional media (newspapers, radio, television, etc.)
  6. Training of new media reporters
  7. Training of new media managers
  8. Training of traditional media managers
  9. Training of spokesperson for different sectors
  10. Training designers of mass media
  11. Training of journalists in professions equipped with media ethics and media law
  12. Training of new media managers
  13. Growth and strengthening of mobile journalism
  14. Training of media experts

Job Opportunities

  1. Reporting in visual, print and online media
  2. Professional journalism
  3. Photojournalism
  4. Video journalism
  5. Authorship
  6. News Editor
  7. Public Relations Management
  8. Communication management
  9. Media management and coordination
  10. Marketing management
  11. Production of radio and television programs
  12. Research in media sciences
  13. Social entrepreneur
  14. Media Advisor
  15. Lecturer in Journalism

Admission requirements

  • Having a 12th grade certificate
  • Obtained high percentage
  • Photocopy of ID card
  • Photocopy of testimony
  • Three photos
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    Bachelor in Journalism


    Sat – Wed 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

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