Bakhtar University

Bachelor of Law & Political Science


The Faculty of law & Political Science, Bakhtar University was established in 2009, and serves as a unique hub of learning for the students across Afghanistan.
The Faculty aims to provide advanced legal and Political knowledge through quality education, standardized research, training qualified cadres and use of technology in country and region.
The Faculty of Law and Political Science is Afghanistan's most prestigious law school and one of leading institutions of legal education and research.
The faculty offers two degree programs including bachelor of Judiciary & Prosecution and Diplomacy & Public Administration.
This is a one of those faculties which has qualified academicians holding PhD and M.Phil degrees in various fields of law, diplomacy and public administration.
The faculty provides, for its students, good academic environment where they can pursue their theoretical and practical studies under the supervision of well qualified, professional and research oriented scholars.


The Faculty of Law and Political Science aspires to ensure social justice and order by promoting legal and political education in country and region.

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