Bakhtar University

Affiliations or Partnerships

Bakhtar University has a cooperation protocol with the world leading universities so that the process of the university education can be enriched and international understanding strengthened, an wishing to establish relations between the two institutions, hereby agree to cooperate with each other in areas of common interest as follows:

Student admission procedures and conditions. Acceptance of the approved coursework and credits. Summer study abroad programs. Faculty exchange for short-term and, as funding and other circumstances permit, long-term visits. Collaboration on research projects; organizing joint seminars, conferences. Joint and dual degree projects in regard with associate/undergraduate/graduate programs, and curriculum articulation and development projects to this end. Academic and administrative personal exchange. Developing research proposals and/or work jointly to seek extra-mural funding. Exchange of academic information, materials and facilities. Promoting academic, cultural, sports, co-curricular and other activities of common interest. Promoting such other activities/programs as mutually agreed from time to time.

Bakhtar University has been affiliated and has signed cooperation protocol with below esteemed universities