Bakhtar University
  • Position Title: Vice Chancellor Academic (Re-advertisement)

    Activation Date: 2020-09-23, Announced Date: 2020-09-23, Expire Date: 2020-10-30

    Job Location: Kabul Nationality: Afghan Category: Education Employment Type: Permennant Salary: As per the University Salary Scale Vacancy Number: BU - 1340 No. Of Jobs: 1

    City: Kabul Years of Experience: Three years relevant experience Contract Duration: Two years with (three months probationary period) Gender: Male/Female Education: PhD Holder with one year relevant experience is preferred. Masters with three years relevant experience; Close date: 2020-10-30

    About Bakhtar University

    Bakhtar University (BU) is one of the Afghanistan’s oldest and most prestigious privately held institutes. Established in 2005 from a small beginning at Kabul Polytechnic University, through its current location at Kart-e-Char, Bakhtar University is now recognized as being an integral part of Kabul. As an independent Afghanistan institution of higher education, BU as the first established privately held institution has been recognized with excellent and high quality programs comparable to its international affiliates such as Indira Gandhi National Open University, India, American International College USA, Georgetown University USA, Attaturk University, Turkey, University of Putra Malaysia (UPM). BU is pioneer in providing quality education in finance, accounting management and introducing master degree programs (MBA & MCS) for the first time in Afghanistan and is pioneer to provide permanent mechanism for obtaining higher academic & professional qualifications in Afghanistan. During its short existence, the university has made a significant impact in the field of higher education by reaching out to large section of the population with a range of diverse and relevant programs that are of high quality and affordable. Since its inception, the University has attracted approximately over 5000 students in various disciplines and enjoy a quality academic experience. (BU) offers a variety of specialist Undergraduate and Postgraduate in the areas of Business, Finance, Information Technology, Law, Journalism and Engineering which are directly linked to the human resource needs of the Afghanistan. All (BU) degree programs are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Afghanistan and are also audited by The British Accredit System UK. The internationally recognized qualifications enable Bakhtar graduates to pursue rewarding careers in Afghanistan’s burgeoning employment market. Because of high quality teaching program, BU students are currently placed in prominent positions in both the public and private sectors across the region. BU’s Center for Language & Culture offers language courses in English. They range from English language study for University preparation. BU faculty is a mix of locally and internationally recruited academics with extensive teaching, business and industry experience. They bring years of knowledge gained from research in their respective fields into the class room providing students with a stimulating academic environment. Classes are small in number, allowing the lecturers to cater to the students’ individual needs. BU maintains a long and proud tradition of excellence in education combined with liberal values of enquiry strives to provide a fertile environment for bright young minds to flourish, where critical thinking is both encouraged and nurtured - qualities which characterize great institutes of learning. We have very close links to the community. The staff and the administration work very closely to promote high quality education. You will find that the years you spend at Bakhtar University will be amongst the most productive, challenging and interesting years of your life.

  • Job Description

    • Provide academic advice to the chancellor of the BU.
    • Advancement in the field of education of BU.
    • Design and implementation of research plans and programs at the university
    • Provides leadership in creating and maintaining academic standards and policies.
    • Regular attendance at the Academic meeting and other meetings of the University.
    • Submit the decisions / meeting minutes of the Academic meeting of the university in the meeting book.
    • Provide a curriculum in accordance with the requirements of the time.
    • Adjustment of the future curriculum as per the rules of MOHE.
    • Assessing and revising the curriculum and redefining it according to the market needs.
    • Reviewing and evaluating regulations and procedures, and, if necessary, modifying, updating or eliminating some of them and proposing them to the authorities for approval.
    •  Review courses and make and update curriculum/program for all the faculties and departments.
    • Develop and recommend an annual academic calendar.
    • Efforts to equip the university.
    • Provide the necessary facilities for the practical work of students.
    • Head of Academic and Research Committees.
    • Supervises budget preparation for the academic and academic-related programs, allocating and reallocating funds and resources to and from these programs and formulate a strategic academic plan.
    • Striving and ensuring the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of work-related skills.
    • Preparation of the statistics of the members of the faculty and the academic staff of the University.
    •  Efforts to raise the work capacity (professional and administrative).
    • Providing the timely solutions to faculties facing major problems.
    • Participate in invited conferences and workshop outside university an official person from BU.
    • Provide regular and friendly communication with relevant individuals and organizations.
    • Oversee the academic enterprise consistent with the BU vision and mission, values and standards.  
    • Oversee reports, including enrollment and programs offered/ programs completed.
    • Make recommendations on accreditation issues and follow-up.
    • Develop and revise BU policies and procedures as needed to implement BU goals and expectations, and to ensure compliance. 
    • Review and make recommendations on admission requirements.
    • Review institutional tenure policies for quality and consistency.
    • Provide oversight of retention management initiatives.
    • Develop and support diversity policies and activities.
    • Provide direction, advice, and evaluation to academic and student affairs staff where needed.
    • Serve on various councils/committees, as assigned.
    • Supervises the deans of the all the faculties and evaluating and approving their recommendations for faculty hiring, promotion, and tenure.
    • Add in the publications of Bakhtar University and also lead research related matters.
    • VC Academic shall teach up to maximum four classes in a day and maximum 16-18 classes in week (referred to annex).
    • Contributing in the research publications of BU
    • Giving special importance to Academic journal of Bakhtar University.
    • VCA will prepare in the planning of 5years strategic plan of BU.
    • VCA will cooperate in preparing the log frame of academic and non-academic employees.
    • VCA will cooperate in making the change theory of BU.
    • Any other duties assigned by the administration.

  • Job Requirements

    • Proven experience as Vice chancellor Academics.
    • Familiarity with industry practices and professional standards.
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Integrity and professional ethics.
    • Teamwork skills.
    Education and Experience:
    • At least three year of previous experience in related field required. 
    • Strong quantitative analysis skills
    • Proactive and goal-orientated by nature
    • Application of High Ethical Standards: Personal integrity and a sense of ethics to remain independent;
    Professional Skills:
    • Written and oral communication skills in English is required.
    • Local language skills - Dari and Pashtu
    • Proficiency in MS Office products including Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel is required.
    Other Skills and Abilities:
    • Self-organized. You should naturally get a lot of high quality work done to completion without outside pressure.
    • Flexible. You need to be able to work in an environment in which there things change rapidly and often, and you need to adapt to new ways of thinking.
    • Self-aware. You need to be able to see yourself and your own behaviors from the perspective of others – and understand how your behaviors affect those of your peers on your self-organizing team.

  • Submission Guideline

    • Interested and qualified candidates are requested to send their CVs along with an application letter and apply via E-mail to   
    • Please ensure to write the number of vacancy and position you are applying for, in the subject line of your E-mail address.
    • Incomplete applications or applications received after closing date will not be given consideration. Candidates who meet the above criteria will be short listed;
    • Address: Kart-e-Char Opposite to Ministry of Higher Education,Kabul, Afghanistan
    • Contact#: 0786 35 35 35

  • Submission Email

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